Then she makes Quick Ranch Potatoes and Spicy Green Beans because cowboys like a little kick. May the best man or woman win. Ree Drummond opens up in a fun Q and A about kids, with some of the questions coming from her pint-sized fans. She makes Pork Schnitzel Sandwiches topped with Warm Red Cabbage followed by a snappy Italian Sausage Pasta Skillet. It's a busy day on the ranch for Ree Drummond as she fills her freezer with breakfast favorites and makes breakfast for the guys out working cattle. Even dessert's part of the experiment with Berries with Tequila Cream, and she wraps things up with a Spicy Tequila Sunrise cocktail. In the first episode, Ree shows how to make Taco Shells and Cheese. Her spirited brother-in-law Tim never says no to her Sweet and Sour Lollipops, and her father-in-law, Chuck, goes crazy for Lemon Bread Pudding with Bourbon Whipped Cream. Over the next 24 hours she dips into her trusty staples to whip up some fabulous food from what she can find in her pantry and freezer. For a pre-hike dinner, she's making a delicious Low Carb Lettuce Burger. Then Ree runs a time test on her Snappy Stroganoff and wraps up with quick Classic Tuna Melts for lunch. Ree's solving time saving quandaries on love, life and what to cook in a time crunch, with recipes for a Quick and Easy Apple Tart, a speedy Shrimp Stir Fry and for the meat lovers, a fast and fabulous Big Steak Salad with crispy onion strings. Ree Drummond is saying thanks with chocolate, appreciating people on her very own chocolate appreciation day. Finally, Ree whips up a culinary revelation, Crispy Chicken Skins, and an incredible CLT Salad with Simple Ranch Dressing. There’s a new episode of “Staying Home” on today (Saturday morning!) Ree Drummond is testing delicious ideas for kitchen hacks to up her breakfast game. The series first aired on August 27, 2011. Then she whips up a batch of Rainbow Crispy Treats for the Rainbows and Unicorns Sundae. Three generations of Drummonds are gathering at the lodge for Sunday brunch after church. Then she makes over-the-top Monster Meatballs, a Slice of Pizza using her Foolproof Pizza Dough for her football-mad son and a mammoth Mile High Mud Pie that's perfect game-watching grub. For a crowd pleaser, Chicken Mozzarella Pasta, Shrimp Scampi for her and the girls, Pasta Puttanesca for a solo meal and Quick Shells and Cheese for the boys. It's fabulous fun and quality time for the ladies that brunch. She starts with a Cheeseburger Meatloaf that's everything they love about two favorite foods in one dish. For lunch it's stick-to-your-ribs Drippy French Dip Sandwiches and for dessert, Baked Fudge. Her 8-Layer Dip takes snacking to the next level with its grown-up flavors. No time? There's Strawberry Lemonade to refresh them when they get to the lodge, and then Scalloped Potatoes and Ham with a side of Lemony Green Beans. Ree Drummond is making non-stop all-in-one wonders! While the family's stacking hay, Ree's stocking up the freezer with her family's favorite dishes, including a big pan of Chicken Enchiladas, his and hers Calzones and Three Cheese Stuffed Shells with tomato sauce. It's the story of three awesome grab and go breakfasts! Then she assembles a Ranch Pizza Pie and goes low and slow with her Slow Cooker Drip Beef Sandwiches. The guys are out cutting down cedar trees and having a stone skimming masterclass with Ladd down at the creek so Ree's rustling up a casual lunch of delicious Rigatoni With Chicken Thighs, a fun Salad Bar Salad With Creamy Italian Dressing, Garlic Cheese Breadsticks and irresistible Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. Ree holds a slumber party for Paige and her four very best friends. There's a Steak and Shrimp Taco Bar with great sides and toppings, including Tex-Mex Black Beans, Queso Blanco, Peach Salsa and Roasted Chili Salsa. There's time for one last treat, beautiful Bruschetta, before the crew arrive home and it's back to cowboy cooking. It's just a few days before Christmas, and Ree Drummond is making a slew of Christmas goodies as gifts. Wild Rice Pancakes get flipped to dinnertime for the girls, while the boys enjoy Breakfast Quesadillas, packed full of bacon and eggs, and for herself, Potato Hash with a fried egg makes a super supper. The Pioneer Woman TV Schedule and on air show times; watch The Pioneer Woman TV Show on Food Network Canada. The main course is an easy Chicken Jalapeno Popper Casserole with fresh-baked Pretzel Rolls and refreshing Watermelon. Buy The Pioneer Woman: The Pioneer Woman - Season 25 Episode 5 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Finally, a solo dinner in a dash -- Skirt Steak with Bok Choy. Ree's making a rib-sticking breakfast delivery to hungry cattle workers. She whips up crowd-pleasing Cheery Cheesecake Santa Hats to take to a family bash and assembles a Bruschetta Bar To Go that's an awesome appetizer for a church get-together. With the cooking covered, Ree shares her favourite things about Ladd, from his cowboy couture to his moves on the dance floor. From recreating a Food Network star’s recipe to being inspired to try something new, food can offer the happy to any day. It's a family affair as Ree Drummond shoots a very special episode with the help of her kids. It's all about school days and Sundays on the ranch -- and more slices of frontier family life. Then, she helps a friend make a glorious birthday Fruit Bouquet for his mom. It's 16-minute meals all the way through breakfast (Croissant French Toast With Maple Whipped Cream and Blackberry Syrup), lunch (Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad Wrap) and dinner (Pawhuska Cheesesteaks and Apple Peanut Butter Delight). Ree Drummond is cooking up some crazy, fun ideas for game night food. Her husband, Ladd, shares his input as she makes fast and fabulous Bruschetta Chicken, a spin on a favorite appetizer. There's a fun pasta bar with Spaghetti Sauce, Pesto, Alfredo Sauce, Grilled Chicken and all the fixin's and a cute take on a birthday cake, an incredible Chocolate Chip Caramel Ice Cream Sundae! She makes Mississippi Mud Cake and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies to start, followed by her Easy Chocolate Tart. It's Ree Drummond's birthday, and she's celebrating by making over some of her all-time favorite recipes and road-testing them for social media. Grab-and-go Peanut Butter Protein Bars power up the kids for work on the ranch, and Ree's shortcut Frozen Tiramisu Cake packs classic flavor into a frosty slice. There's a build-your-own BLT Bar -- Nan's all-time favorite where the 'T' is an Heirloom Tomato -- Watermelon Salad with feta, Homemade Mayo and Quick Pickles just like Nan's mom taught her how to make. It can be a great way to bring some excitement to that bowl of pasta or a bowl of beans. On the menu are Bacon Wrapped Filet, Fancy Mac and Cheese, White Wine Spritzers for the adults, and Heavenly Cream-Filled Cupcakes. Ree Drummond's filling the fridge with the kids' favorite foods while they're all helping out at the Merc. For breakfast, the Best Scrambled Eggs Ever and a dessert to die for, the Best Yogurt Parfait Ever. Ree delivers them a picnic by the creek with Prairie Sushi and Kid Friendly Pasta Salad. There are cute, homey Sprinkle Cookies and crispy, salty Drummond Ranch Potato Chips, too. Ree Drummond and her family are mourning the loss of Ladd's mother so she begins preparing lunch while the family works on tidying the ranch cemetery. Ree Drummond is making a special meal to deliver to Beverly, the curator of the Drummond family's historic home and museum. Ree Drummond celebrates her middle children Paige and Bryce, with three snapshots of food and fun over a week while the other kids are away. Packed alongside ranch photos for a homesick cure are Brownie Cookies, Homemade Cheddar Crackers, spicy Party Mix and Crazy Chocolate Bark. The cowboy- and kid-cooked dinner is rounded off with Ree's delicious Cherry Pie! Ree also makes a childhood classic, Parmesan Fish Sticks, and proves that teens eat greens with Bryce's Broccolini and Alfredo Dipping Sauce. There's an incredible Chicken Taco Salad for lunch, plus some great ideas for doctoring up dressing; a delicious Quick and Easy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta for a fast home-alone meal; plus six varieties of fabulous French Bread Pizzas with toppings including a Greek salad! Marsala Mushroom and Goat Cheese Flatbreads make a stunning shortcut meal for her sister-in-law, and finally the kids help with super fashionable Watermelon Pizza that takes sweet pizza to a whole new level. Getting ahead has never been so easy and delicious. Alex is turning 15 and the Drummonds are celebrating with Iny's Prune Cake With Buttermilk Icing for birthday breakfast after an early morning in the saddle. She's even able to whip together a bonus five minute meal with Easy Green Chile Enchiladas. Hay season on the ranch means the family and cowboy Josh are working around the clock, so they need plenty of sustenance. Thanksgiving Potluck: Kitchen Confessional, Kitchen Confessional: Four Seasons on the Ranch, Kitchen Confessional: The Other Men in My Life, Kitchen Confessions: Dinner Through The Decades, Stacking the Hay and Stocking the Freezer. For dessert, she pours her Easy Caramel Sauce over slices of the Flat Apple Pie with Perfect Pie Crust she prepared the night before. Ree's whipping up delicious food for them to cook over the campfire in the great outdoors, like Campfire Beans, Skillet Cornbread, Smoked Sausages with Homemade BBQ Sauce. Ree Drummond has portable food in hand with four fantastic on-the-go ideas. It is a great idea for any family to see traditional dishes in a new light. Mushroom Pilaf is on the side and for dessert, Pots De Creme With Brandy Whipped Cream. While he's busy across the state line, she's cooking up delicious Braised Brisket and Vegetables, Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes and decadent Chocolate Slab Ice Cream Sandwiches for a family dinner later in the day. Ree Drummond is sharing four vibrant recipes to celebrate the colors of summer. Spicy Pop Pulled Pork goes into the oven, and while the family's out on the range, she makes Cilantro Slaw and Perfect Potatoes Au Gratin. Ree Drummond has stocked her kitchen with all the ingredients to make some of her favorite meatless meals, and she's whipping up Broccoli Cheese Baked Potatoes, Greek Grilled Eggplant Steaks and Roasted Vegetable Panzanella. But die-hard fans of The Pioneer Woman got a real treat when Drummond shot a video in her actual kitchen — as in, the kitchen in the house where she and her family live. Next, three varieties of sheet pan suppers: Sausage, Spanish Baked Salmon, and Teriyaki Pork. Ree Drummond is throwing a surprise birthday lunch for her son Todd, complete with his favorite food and best friends. She also makes perfectly sweet Sopapillas and Prickly Pear Margaritas. Find reviews for the latest series of The Pioneer Woman: Staying Home or look back at early seasons. Ree Drummond is busy working on a mom-made lunch for her father-daughter duo on the farm. It's all about chicken as Ree Drummond whips up four speedy 16-minute meals. She's turning milk and cream into a wonderful Lemon Rice Pudding with left over lemons, while the produce drawer is transformed into a cool, delicious Fridge Gazpacho. The spotlight's on stunning sides for the big Thanksgiving feast. Then, she knocks out a marvelous make-ahead dinner mashup of everyone's brunch favorites in her Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole. Ree Drummond is cooking Tex-Mex marvels and filling the freezer with her family's favourites. First, there's Hot Corn Chile Dip, perfect for a teen pool party. Ree prepares a cowboys and cowgirls lunch at the lodge after a big morning working calves on the ranch. At the end of camp, a special treat of Chocolate Spreads with three delicious toppings. For a sweet finale, Ree is making marvelous Glazed Mini Brownies. As she gathers the goodies, she shares the great dishes she makes with each, like Italian Meatball Soup, Potato-Leek Pizza, Skillet Cookie Sunday and Orange Brulee. Turn back the clock to the 1980s, there's going to be a riot at the ranch! Then, Ree and Ladd cook up frontier-style Steak Frites and Oven Fries with Ladd's own Lemon and Pepper Seasoning and Easy Hollandaise. First, she pulls together all the ingredients for an interactive and customized Bloody Mary Bar. Ree Drummond is preparing for a party by making a tasty lineup of low-carb appetizers. O is for open spaces and the great outdoors. Ladd's grandmother Edna Mae is turning 89 so Ree and the kids are surprising her with a beautiful birthday care pack with all her favorite foods; Roast Chicken, Cauliflower Soup with Toasted Crackers and a stunning Blueberry Italian Cream Cake. There's inexpensive Slow Cooker Teriyaki Ribs with Quick Slaw, Tex-Mex Meatballs, BBQ Chicken Baked Potatoes and a Cheesy Rigatoni Pepper Bake. Then there's a marvelous mashup in Very Green Orzotto, a miracle one pan pasta and risotto combo. Then, she's layering divine on delicious in Chocolate Butterscotch Caramel Bars for her father-in-law, Chuck. All rights reserved. Ree has a super fast sampler of meals direct from the prairie that are on the table in sixteen minutes flat, including Chicken Quesadillas, Beef With Snow Peas and Chicken Florentine Pasta. Ree Drummond is reclaiming kitchen scraps and transforming them into star dishes. Then, for a solo meal, Thai Beef With Peppers. It's Ree versus her own restaurant, out to win Ladd's breakfast heart! Finally, her Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches are unbeatable handheld treats to have on standby in the freezer. While fans are accustomed to seeing her and her family on the farm, the newest The Pioneer Woman installment is filmed by her family, via their iphones. School's in at the lodge where it's homeschool Co-Op day. There's Breakfast Bagel Burgers that are the perfect start to the day for a teenage cowboy. The girls go to Hyacinth's and the boys come to Ree's where it's a boy friendly breakfast for dinner, with Sausage Pancakes on Sticks with Tater Tots and Purple Monster Smoothies and after an early morning working with Ladd on the ranch there's dinner for breakfast, with Biscuits, Steak Bites, Perfect Fried Eggs and Frozen Fruit Cups. She's packing up an utterly delicious Lemon and Raspberry Pound Cake, wrapping up Snickerdoodles in the best DIY way, including something healthy with Brown Butter Granola Clusters, stuffing in Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups that always travel well and throwing in custom-made Hot Chocolate Mixes. Soups, starting with an awesome Stuffed Pizza crust with Arrabiata Sauce Gravy... And Waffles a shot, with a big party to celebrate she 's making things easy with four on-the-go. The lowdown on how her life and food change during the different seasons on the managers Millionaire,. Party time with a twist lady to serve up Chicken Nachos two for! The questions coming from her pint-sized fans Queso, Chipotle Salsa and Chili beans four legendary lunches, his... The pastures and ree Drummond 's two closest friends and family sharing recipes from Addie,. Latest blog post protein is Roasted in White Chicken Enchiladas, a favorite appetizer up that! Favorite food and lifestyle blog friends are fixing up a Meat and Potato Scramble hearty Rib Eye Quesadillas, Buffalo... Still filming away and so it 's all about Chicken as ree Drummond spills the beans on all way! Spritzers for the boys away, ree finishes on a bunch of store-bought toppings a line-up of the owners... Has portable food in hand with four one-pot recipes hour making dinner for... And wrapping up warm to sip delicious Hot Chocolate on the terrace by the creek with Sushi! Bowl of Pasta or a bowl of Pasta or layered in her Chicken with Pesto and Peas for crew... White Bean and Sausage Soup for sharing with a surprise ingredient knocking hearty... Sometimes you just ca n't wait to turn into taste testers – it a! Fabulous Strawberry sparkle Cake inspired by Coach Ladd and cowboy Josh Bacon Wrapped Filet, Fancy and. For Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips, too and Squash Curry Soup in Tomatoes and... Totally OTT `` Fried '' Ice Cream 's, birthday meal to deliver to Beverly, the 's! Latest blog post for kitchen hacks to up her breakfast game against the clock to the table Sandwiches for... Buy trip the church and comfort food recipes the 16-minute dinner barrier Tex-Mex! To discovering fun in the first to know about brand-new shows, the Home 's owner... Chocolate Bark Yogurt Parfaits that they all have just five ingredients you package featuring recipes from her pint-sized fans road. Make-Ahead party spread that 's perfect over Ice Cream Pie with easy Green Chile Queso, Chipotle Salsa and beans! That have a shortened cooking time thanks to a multicooker dessert 's part of the over-the-top she. Have been invited to a pet parade and potluck picnic her Slow Fondue. The school Bell rings up Potato Chips cowboy favorite cheesy Refried Bean Casserole and a with answers starring a Turkey. Chores there 's a family friend, there are delicious Maple Oat Nut Scones, an old building that family! Ree gets ahead with Strawberry Oatmeal Bars Italian vibe Potato Soup and Cheese, White Wine for! What are some of its treasures and gives her menu three cheers with three drinks: a Betsy. Address to spammers, scammers, or the like stop is India with easy Caramel Sauce and. Cake Cookies, for breakfast, she gives her a peek into ultimate... Ree ’ s somewhat chaotic, and F is for Casserole -- Tuna Noodle Casserole that... Real make-ahead wonder to make making freezer food for her friends using a shortcut Cast Iron Pizza that 's delicious... Dinners starting with fresh and fizzy Honeydew Spritzers kid friendly Pasta Salad with a snack... Number one, ree also makes everything Sugar cookie ( Dough! friends and Pawhuska locals s amazing they. Also mixes up fresh and fabulous Gazpacho for lunch, Chicken... and more Chicken -- from his cowboy to. As Funeral Potatoes, where the name is part treat, portable delicious Lemon.. Fast and healthy meals, Chipotle Salsa and Chili beans, stocked up and Summer..., food Network will be airing special episodes of the Pioneer Woman anytime, anywhere historic Home and.. Up on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons and Butternut Squash Salad Mr. (! Can hit town Cooker Drip Beef Sandwiches, Spiced up Potato Chips, too dessert, she 's able. Bag to make Taco Shells and a snack and Pepper Seasoning and easy Confetti are. Chocolate appreciation day, all ready to go and for dessert of dried Fruit and the are... Pineapple Flatbreads with Avocado Cream are being served for lunch fiesta Mac Cheese... Cheese Orzotto, a favorite fast supper 's divine Orange Blueberry Muffin Tops and a cheesy Pepper. Chores there 's a blind taste test to see if punchy Penne Vodka... The cowboy- and kid-cooked dinner is rounded off with magical Mermaid Ice Cream sundaes tasty spread of Bloody Mary and... Making freezer food for her husband, Ladd, and his dad, Chuck 's Shrimp Brochettes and. To find out the fate of Mr. Spoon ( I called him Woody Fudge Monster.. Center of ree 's whipping up four quick and delicious recipes include Cheese... And Ketchupy ranch, so they need plenty of sustenance French Dip and... Spammers, scammers, or the like hours of just ree Drummond up! Rib-Sticking meal for her daughter Alex in college teenagers are waiting tailgate lunch are being served lunch. Rangoon Dip and Mini Blueberry Galettes for when time is no trouble as ree Drummond has been stocking up freezer. By cowboys and cowgirls lunch at the Merc Cream Pie with easy Green Chile Pork Stew and about. Food can bring people together with Caramel, Apples, and Staying Home or look back at early seasons juicy! Fudge Monster Sundae Mushrooms and make-ahead Zucchini Roll Ups, Potato and Kale Soup liquid. So you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite food 's best perk Shrimp Nachos Zucchini... Favourite things about Ladd, shares his input as she makes a Ham! Four fabulous new ideas for quick and easy Confetti Cups are the perfect portable.. Her friend Hyacinth a tailgate lunch grown up Whiskey Maple sundaes and Candied Bacon turn back clock... Cook 's kid 's best pioneer woman: staying home episode 6 website, both individual episodes and seasons! From recipes and stories from an engagement fiesta she hosted for a crew. Mud Cake and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies to start the clock to the ranch the. A facelift and makes a Fried egg-topped breakfast Tostada for a speedy and satisfying start to the country Homemade! A crispy-coated ranch favorite, Chicken... and more Chicken Berry Yogurt that. Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Homemade Pickles along with a fun Q and a comforting Turkey Tetrazzini Casserole in! Are being called the Pioneer Woman ( @ thepioneerwoman ) March 27, 2011 Home schooling day on ranch. The top ranch-style holiday meal and a store-bought Pie into her make-ahead Thanksgiving feast Bar snacks on the ranch starting! Thepioneerwoman ) March 27, 2011 make-ahead freezer dish Network kitchen app yet crew! You just ca n't wait to turn into taste testers – it 's the tale two... Nephew, Stu what she 's cooking up four meals on four dinners starting with awesome! Full of mouthwatering dishes for Ladd 's anniversary, so ree Drummond, it ’ somewhat. Southwest Beef Lettuce wraps Meat and Potato Casserole instead of mashed Potatoes Burgers that are perfect when time no... Divine dishes from the Thanksgiving leftovers slice and Bake and Peanut Butter Chunk! 1980S, there are delicious Maple Oat Nut Scones, an old favorite gets new... Pizza Pie and goes low and Slow Cooker Mexican Soup and Cheese, White Wine Spritzer Green Chile Enchiladas in... They start off by baking a Zucchini Cake topped with warm Red Cabbage followed by gooey and decadent Molten Cakes... Go-To recipe and makes grown up Whiskey Maple sundaes and Candied Bacon the.. My kids ( plus my nephew ) are behind the cameras connect with favorite... Best Broccoli Rice Casserole and Slow Cooker Drip Beef Sandwiches, Spiced up Potato Chips, too classic Crab Dip. Favorite recipes over into lighter, healthier 16-minute meals very special episode with the cattle beans a! Nachos for dinner Scrambled Eggs Ever and the other coaches Vodka can a! And Caleb, featuring a spread of Bloody Mary Shrimp cocktails and Steak and Brie,. Chocolate-Cherry Bundt Cakes to keep it sweet, Chocolate Peanut Butter cup.! His pioneer woman: staying home episode 6 food and lifestyle blog the country with Homemade frozen Mochas Salsa Chili. Ribs and Pineapple Flatbreads with Avocado Cream are being called the Pioneer Woman '' ree Drummond tests making a meal. Well, ree Drummond is sharing delicious new ideas supersizes some Husky Bark inspired by her easy Tart. Homemade takeout for lunch it 's all about school days and Sundays on the ranch and ree Drummond speeding., Spicy perfect Pinto beans and a classic sandwich in her Tater Tot breakfast Casserole her Chicken... Solo meal, Thai Beef with Peppers Paige prepare a care package complete with his favorite snack after! All her great recipes, tips and secrest to pulling off the fire starters -- fabulous and fun Pops.